A Beginner's Guide to GISHWHES

Yahoo Contributor Network - Wed, Sep 18, 2013

I was first exposed to GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) via Facebook in 2012. With a growing sense of confusion, curiosity, irritation and finally envy, I watched some friends plead for help in completing that year's [More]

Teaching Creative Writing

Academic essay - 2017

This journal aims to reflect upon teaching Creative Writing courses by asking two questions: (1) How can Creative Writing be taught? and (2) How can I teach it? Despite having been a student in Creative Writing (hereafter CW) for a number of years [More]

Your Pregnancy Sleep Problem and How to Cope with It

Client web content - circa 2016

If you have suffered disturbed sleep during pregnancy, you're not alone - and 78% of women will experience worse slumber now than at any other time. This is a whopping 18% rise over the average 60% of adults reporting difficulty sleeping a few nights [More]

Baby's First Solids Did Not Go As Expected

Yahoo Contributor Network - Fri, Jun 7, 2013

"Well, that's certainly new," my husband said, sitting back slowly in his chair.​ Our second-born chomped and gummed at something smeared in garlic butter which against all expectations he had suddenly reached for and stolen from the family [More]

14 Iconic Accessories and Clothes in Legendary Films

Celebrityy content - 2014

Whether we are aware of it or not,​ the clothing and accessories worn by our favourite film characters are representative of more than just mere costume. Driving fashion changes and epitomising the movies' themes, the following items are crucial to [More]

Happy Birthday, World Wide Web! 25 Years Old Today

Celebrityy content - 2014

Tuesday, 11th March marked the 25th year since the creation of the internet, and just like all of the world's most incredible inventions we can't imagine life without it. For that matter, we can't remember life before it...or even read this page without it!​ [More]

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